Poojya Gurudev

From a feudal, quiet, sleeping society, our country is today marching into the modern,fast electronic age with our heads flaming with material ambitions and our hearts shrinking  into ugly selfishness. The over emphasis on materialism has made individuals twisted and ugly in their essential cultural grace.

The politician, the economist and the scientist cannot see anything beyond the material world and they should be so. Theirs is the job of organising and creating a rich,prosperous and peaceful world around with technology contributing to the comforts and achievements of the members of the society. The educationists are to bring about an extra beauty in the performance of main in the society as a result of their cultivated inner discipline and larger vision.

We are trying in our Vidyalayas to conduct the children to score in the material world, following the secular syllabus prescribed by the Govt.,but taught in an atmosphere of spiritual presence. We select, train and therefor, expect our teachers to have such a spiritual balance in themselves, so that they can throw around them the grace and glory of the Spirit in the class room. Under such a gracious canopy of moral and ethical charm we find the students blooming into men and women, self controlled, disciplined and dynamically striving with a magnificent vision.