V CURRICULUM / Examination & Evaluation

The School follows CBSE Syllabus.

School Curriculum

a) Kindergarten :

In the K.G. Section, a revolutionary change has been introduced breaking a new ground. This is quite in line with the thinking of modern educational psychologists ‘Ready to Study’ Skills , Communication Skills, Life Skills and Value – based Education with a thrust given on environment and nature study.

b) The curriculum for classes 1 to IV includes :

English, Malayalam, Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, General Knowledge, Computer Education, Art Education,Value Education,Physical Education, Dance and Music, Yoga.

c) The curriculum for classes V to X is prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The subjects are :

Classes V – VIII

  1. English
  2. Malayalam
  3. Third Language : Sanskrit, Hindi
  4. Mathematics
  5. Science
  6. Social Science    EVS For Class V
  7. Value Education
  8. Work Experience (Computer Science)
  9. Physical and Health Education
  10. Art Education (Drawing & Painting, Music, Dance, Life  skills development)
  11. General Knowledge
  12. Yoga

Classes IX & X

  1. English Communicative
  2. Hindi course B/ Malayalam
  3. Mathematics
  4. Science
  5. Social Science
  6. Work Experience (Computer Science)
  7. Physical & Health Education
  8. Art Education (Drawing & Painting, Music, Dance, Life  skills development)
  9. Value Education

The assessment structure and examination for classes VI-VIII comprises of two terms i.e., Term-1 Term -2

For Class X,  there is restoration of Board Examination from accademic year 2017-2018 onwards, which will bring uniformity in the system of assessment and examination for class IX & X in all schools.

Promotion Criteria : Promotion is based on the day-to-day work of the student throughout the year and also on the performance in the tests with at least 33% marks in each subjects.

For a pass from one standard to higher std., a student must get minimum grades which are essential for a promotion.The decision of the school authorities in the matter of promotion shall be final. A student who fails twice in the same class will be asked to leave the school/ Syllabus.


Std. XI : Class XI examinations shall be conducted internally by the school. Promotion Criteria : Promotion is based on the day-to-day work of the students throughout the year and also on the performance in the tests with at least 33% marks in each subject. The student should pass separately in theory and practical examinations.

Std. XII : The Std. XII examination will be conducted at the end of the course by the Board in all subjects, except General Studies, Work Experience, & Physical and Health Education which will be assessed by the schools. The students have to pass separately in theory and practical examinations with a separate minimum of 33% in each subject.

Classes XI & XII

  1. English core, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology
  2. English core, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science
  3. English core, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Computer Science


A number of co-curricular activities designed to develop the all round personality of the students are conducted. Some of them are as follows :

    1. Value Education
    2. Mathematics Club
    3. Language Club
    4. Disaster Management Club
    5. Arts & Cultural Activities
    6. Computer Science Club
    7. Social Science Club
    8. Eco Club
    9. Sports and Games
    10. Anti-narcotic Club
    11. AEP Club
    12. Energy Management Cell


Computer knowledge is of great importance in the modern educational system. Hence the School is imparting computer education in the work experience programme to have basic knowledge of Computer Programmimg.


The minimum age for admission to LKG and Std. I is completion of 3 and 5 years respectively. Parents desirous of getting their children admitted to the school are requested to get them registered and obtain the prospectus and the application form on payment of Rs. 100/- Registration. For admission to LKG there will be an interview with the parents along with the candidates Admission will be made subject to availability of seats. At the time of admission, Parents are requested to submit a recent passport size photograph of the ward & copy of Birth Certificate.

  1. They are to bring the convocation certificates at the time of admission.

Students coming from other schools should bring their transfer certificates duly countersigned by the AEO/DEO/DDE of the area. New students must be introduced personally by their parents / guardians who will be responsible for their regularity of attendance and payment of dues Right of admission is reserved with the Management and the decision of the Management in this regard is final.

Transfer Certificate will be given only on the basis of a written application in the prescribed form, (available at the reception Counter) to be submitted before 31st March or at least a week in advance by the parent/guardian. However, if a letter regarding the urgency is produced from the school where the student is seeking admission, Transfer Certificate will be issued on the third day of application. It will be issued, however, only to those who have fully settled their dues. The management of Chinmaya Vidyalaya has decided to collect the following fee from students who will take the t.C. during the academic session.

First 7 working days                                –  Fee for one month

Between 8th and 15th Working day        –  1 month Tuition fee & Special fee

16th working day onwards                      –  Term fee & Special fee


  1. The fees will be collected from the students term-wise. The tuition fees for one year will be divided into 3 and accordingly the term-wise fees will be collected before June 10, September 10 and January 10. Similarly the other Annual fees also will be divided into 2 instalments and the first instalment will be collected along with June Term fee and the second instalment with September term fee. The school bus fees for 10 months also will be divided into three parts i.e. first part for 4 months, second part for 3 months and third part for 3 months and accordingly these bus fees will be collected along with the term fees before 10thof June, September and January respectively.
  2. Students joining the School or leaving the School in the middle of a term should pay the fees in full of the term.
  3. The last date for payment of term will be 10th of respective month of that Term as mentioned in Clause (1) above. After that it will be collected with a fine of Rs. 20/- till the end of that respective month. Students who have not paid the term fees and fine as stipulated herein before by the end of the respective month, will not be allowed to sit in the class.
  4. Non-payment of fees with fine as mentioned in clauses (1) and (3) above may lead to removal of the student’s name from the school Roll. Readmission will require the student to pay all the dues plus the readmission fee. The readmission will be at the sole discretion of the Principal.

Fees once paid will not be refunded.


To encourage and instil a spirit of healthy competition in arts and sports, the students are divided into four houses : KAVERI, SARASWATI, GANGA & YAMUNA.


The School year is divided into 2 Terms

The daily working hours of the school will be from 9.00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. with a lunch break of 45 minutes.

The entrusting of a pupil to the school implies that parents agree to stand by the rules and regulations of the School. Parents are requested to see that their children also abide by the School Rules & Regulations.